D.I.Y. lavender syrup recipe

lavender syrup recipe from tsabee kitchen

🍴Servings: 10 

🥣Category: Drink

💪Difficulty Level: 3/5 

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The lavender syrup is one of the must-haves of the summer season. If you like the smell of lavender and the sight of a lavender field dyed purple, you’ll also love this syrup. Consume diluted with cold soda water, according to taste, about 1/8 part of the syrup.

The story of lavender

Lavender has been used for various purposes on Earth for over 2,500 years. Some legends claim that Adam and Eve brought it with them from the Garden of Eden.
The name lavender is of Roman origin and can most likely be traced back to two words: “alavare” – the word for washing – and “aelent”. The Romans recognized the value of lavender as a healing plant that prevents the spread of infections, but it was also used as an insect repellant and for washing. Dioscorides, a Greek military physician, discovered the healing properties of lavender while collecting herbs in the Mediterranean region in c. in e 77.

Lavender usage, physiological effects

Internal use of lavender, according to Dioscorides, aids digestion and relieves headaches and sore throats. Lavender can be used to clean wounds and cure skin diseases when applied externally, which is why Roman soldiers carried it with them to treat their wounds. It was also used to scent rooms and sprinkle the ground.
Lavender was such a popular plant in Roman times that it was used to scent almost everything. Lavender scented their hair, clothes, bath water, beds, and even the walls of their homes. Their “nardinum” scented oil also contained lavender. In fact, women place lavender near their beds to increase their passion.

People are divided about lavender and lavender syrup

In terms of lavender flavor, I’ve discovered that half of the population enjoys it while the other half despises it. There are some people who simply recognize a smell of detergent. Fortunately, I enjoy its aroma and taste! Lavender flowers can be used to flavor biscuits, ice cream, and even cake. The aroma simply relaxes you! Opinions on the syrup’s consumption differ as well. Because this version contains a lot of sugar, it is best to consume smaller amounts of it to protect our health.


  • 3 cups of fresh lavender flower
  • 4 organic lemons
  • 8 cups of water
  • 2 kilogram of sugar
  • 2 tbsp citric acid


  1. Boil water with sugar.
  2. Add sliced lemons, lavender flowers, and citric acid and mix well.
  3. Cover and keep at a cool temperature for 12 hours.
  4. Drain and boil the syrup.
  5. Pour the hot syrup into clean bottles.
  6. Close and make steam canning for safe preservation.
  7. After opening keep in fridge.

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